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Environmental Responsibility Statement

Within the scope of the FIA Environmental Certification Framework, Classic Clube de Portugal assumes the socio-environmental commitment as organizer of this event, valuing it as a recognized factor of social capital as a promoter of integration and social mobility, involving a wide range of partners , from the organizers, participants, sponsors, media and public. This sporting event is considered a privileged vehicle of information, creating relationships of trust that mobilize individuals in the pursuit of shared responsibilities and objectives, in order to reduce the environmental impacts caused by the event.

In so doing, all efforts will be guided by respect for the following principles:

  • Commitment to a more rational, efficient and environmentally adequate use of the resources available, in the practices necessary to carry out the event, with the aim of promoting sustainability and reducing the ecological footprint;
  • To foster a sustainable development of this event, intervening in the promotion of equality, integration, and above all in citizenship, involving all stakeholders, Organization, Participants and the Public.
  • Support and encourage employees in the development and implementation of best work practices that minimize impacts on the environment, improving environmental responsibility, based on the planning of all tasks;
  • Minimize and, wherever possible, avoid waste generation, promoting reduction, reuse and recycling management priorities;
  • Disseminate the environmental knowledge, with all the agents involved in the test;
  • Cooperation with environmental agents, namely waste management company of the area where the event will take place;
  • When it is not possible to reduce the generation of waste, disseminate to all stakeholders of the event the implementation of the selective collection, through the correct disposal of waste for subsequent collection and proper disposal of waste at all places of passage of the event, disseminating information leaflet attached;
  • Reduce as far as possible the environmental impact of transport by encouraging the use of public transport;
  • Undertakes to disclose to all its employees, as well as all participants in the event, the commitments made in this declaration through the disclosure of the same.

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